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ESTABLİSHMENT LEGEND OF BURSA"PARADİSE BURSA"Once upon a time there was a solomon beyond all else he had glowing ligth ofprophecy on his forehead and wore shining throne of sovereignty god blessed him with a magical seal called seal of salomon with that seal he ruled the land and the seas his throne was neither golden nor ivory it was a palanquin made either by faeries or demons he travalled along the world laughing with the happy and weeping with the sad one of those days he settled on his throne he god his right vizier to his right side and his left vizier to his left and elevated to the skies mountains bowed down and roads opened up and within a blink they arrived atop Uludağ the mountaing of mountains to their amazement they saw one wing of this mountaing was voice and another colour one wing was light and the other water his higness solomon murmured lord is omnipotentindeed in astonishment he turned right to ask his right vizier my vizier you travelled very much you have seen a lot how do you see this place he said my master my king god granted all kinds of beauty in here but what good are they with nobody to hear or see shave or smell and solomon put his seal on his words he turned to his left vizier and asked m y vizier you have lived long you have seen a lod is there anything in the world more beautiful than this his vizier said yes my king there is birds chirping from one branch to another are delightful yet human voice heart in heart's plateaus is sweeter waters are brilliant and skies are bright yet neither can keep company with full moon of fourteen and rise with dawn again and salomon also put his seal on his words too he had the final word and said my viziers this places lacks humans if that beauty you mentioned was observed and appreciated it would not vanish but flourish with beauty of humans whivh is beyond all mark my words now we shall make these plateaus our land and build a place with pavilions gardens and fountains in there we shall set the throne of most beautiful belkis we shall adorn those gardens with whichever flowers or birds she desires before his viziers found a chance to
mark his words stones started to talk murmured her name belkis salomon decides to gather his faeries and tell them of his intentions but one reads his mind and says without a saund O salomon tribe of life had established a city here but tribe of demons also had their sights on that city they fought for a millennium but neither had conclusive dominance then flood came and the whole city had sunk
underwater those lakes you see atop the mountain are not lakes but puddles of flood waters that city is under one of those solomon puts seat of solomon on these words too viziers also marked these words then nereids  water faeries dove underwater and emptied all waters and brought out the city of life oreads mountain faeries climbed up the mountains to bring in marble stones and columns and built a place complate with pavilions while were still working or gardens and waters of the place solomon send word all around on birds wings to invite all hazel eyed all hazel eyed people accepted his invitation and came over and settled in this city then sultan belkıs arrived and sat on her thore and then the city became a city right vizier observed with right eye and said paradise is here (cennet burası) as it turns out left vizier was hard of hearing and misheard that is paradise Bursa (cennet bursa) and from then on this city had been known as Bursa

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  1. Okay! So this way Bursa is known as Bursa...

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