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Certain findings from castle part in downtown area point to 2500-2700 BC on the other hand
according to recent findings in Akçalar Aktopraklık excavation showed that oldest traces of civilization within Bursa provincial area date back to 8500 BC Bursa region had been under various colonies and countries ruling until Bithynia state was establishedin 4th century BC according to famous historian herodatus the only city around Bursa was cius (gemlik) which was established in 12th century BC Apemea (Mudanya) is thought to have been established in 10th century BC while Apollania (Gölyazı) whic is on an island in lake Uluabat is thought to have been established before 6th century BC after going under lydian ruling during Krezus/Kroisos (561-546 BC) area  Bursa went under Persian ruling entire region was heavily damaget during these wars meanwhile greek immigrants arrived in the ragion and settled on marmara sea coast chalcedon republic established in kadıköy İstanbul area attacked Bursa and surrounding region and caused heavy damages detalses fought against Persian and established independent Bithynia republic in Bursa ragion Bursa was promoted to city status and had city walls built during the reign of Bithynian king Prusias(232-192 BC) carthaginian king Hannibal took refuge
in Prusias after tosing the battle he fought aganist the roman emperor and when he was highly

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honoured by Prusias he gets Bursa castle built for his name thus the first city plan for Bursa was prepared by carthaginian king Hannibal city is named  Prusa region was reffered to as Bithynia until 19th century Bithnia kingdom became part of romam empire in 74 BC and stayed under roman ruling for long years following the division of roman empire in 395 AD the city remained under Byzantium ruling sericulture sterted in the city around 500 AD the city also turned into a spa centre due to many natural hot springs it has around the same time new hammams were built in Pythia (cekirge) during emperor justinianus era (527-565) Muslims first arrived in Bursa during Abbasids era (Harun alrashid 8th century) the hamedani in Aleppo captured Nicea (iznik) in 955 and ruled it for 23 years Turks
arrived in Bursa region for the first time in 1080 and Nicaea had been capital city of Anotolian Seljuk state between 1081-1097 in 1097 there were crusader battles in the region for the first time in 1080 and Nicaea had been capital city of Anatolian seljuk state between 1081-1097 in 1097 there were crusader battles in the region and crusaders captured Nicaea a latin state was established in İstanbul during this war and Nicaea became capital of Byzantium empire Prusa was a minor and insignificant lordship under Nicaea between 1204-1261 and Prusa stayed under Byzantium rule until 14th century as a small city consisting of a castle after years of siegeing by Osman Bey founder and first Sultan of
Ottoman Empire Bursa was taken by his son Orhan Bey on 6 april 1326 it was not by the sword but by hand over and Bursa became capital city of Ottomans as was his will Osman Bey buried in Gümüşlü kubbe (Saint Elia Monastery) Tophane  Bursa developed rapidly within the first 200 years of Ottoman ruling in comparision to other cities city widely expanded towards east and west beyond castle walls many architecturally significant buildings were constructed and and served as capital city
of the empire until Edirne was conquered and named capital in 1365 even after Edirne and İstanbul later on has been capital city Bursa had been prized and honoured as capital of anotolia


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